Nine Tips for Better Content Management

When you start marketing online with content, one thing to figure out is how to manage that content. If you don’t manage your content well, you may get confused about all the resources and assets that you have and not use them correctly. Let’s look at these tips for better content management.

  1. Use a Content Management System: There are numerous content management systems, plus even more systems to plug into the other system. Do your research and find something that is friendly to the search engines and makes it easier for your audience to find you.

  2. Create a Content Creation Workflow: Because every single piece of content that you create can be recreated (see 6 below), it’s a good idea to set up a content creation workflow that works for you. For example, you may develop a process that includes outlines, drafts, sources, editing, publishing and so forth.

  3. Outsource More: You can’t do everything in your business yourself. You may not even be a writer or want to write. You can hire people to handle all your content for you, or different individuals to help you with various tasks – from making outlines, to writing, to editing, to formatting, to re purposing, to publishing. A good place to place a free advertisement for a writer or content manager is at Writer Help Wanted. (

  4. Mind Your Metrics: Make it a habit to check your metrics and data via the analytics you use. You may use Google Analytics or an internal choice within your content management system. The point is that the metrics will let you know what is working and what is not working.

  5. Create a Content Calendar: Based on the promotions you want to make during any given quarter or year, you’ll want to develop a content calendar. The calendar can help you stay more organized because you can now work ahead of your needs instead of just working by the seat of your pants.

  6. Remember to Re purpose Content: Every single bit of content that you create can be turned into a new format, expanded upon, and re purposed and used somewhere else. Put that right into your workflow so that it’s always done. For example, a blog post can become a YouTube video and vice versa.

  7. Set Up Categories: Know what categories of content that you need so that you are always working from all categories and don’t have holes in your plans. Keep the category list short, though, to help narrow down the type of content you create.

  8. Highlight Popular Content: Using data from analytics, it’s important to be sure to find a way to highlight the popular content. Popular content can get more traction when promoted more. But you can also get new ideas from it.

  9. Integrate New Technology: New technology comes in every day. It’s important to look at it just in case it will help you make your content management easier.

Organizing content so that you can develop even better content for your audience that gets results is an important part of marketing online today. But make no mistake, content has been around forever – long before the internet. It’s just that now the barriers to entry are lower because it’s easier for anyone to publish content for their audience online, using inexpensive technology.

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